Golf Cart Rentals

Golf Carts: 4 persons maximum per golf cart. All drivers must be age 21 or above and possess a valid drivers license.

Hope Town Cart Rentals 1(242)366-0064 Have limited supply of 6-seaters also available.

Island Cart Rentals1(242)366-0448

Getaway Cart Rentals 1(242)366-0200

Lighthouse Cart Rentals 1(242)366-0243 or 1(242)475-0218 or 1(242)475-2625

There are only 2 Golf Cart Companies that rent on North End so book now.

Elbow Cay Cart Rentals 1(242)366-0530

T & N Cart Rentals 1(242)366-0069

You should contact them immediately because they do sell out well in advance.

Bike Rentals

A & S Bicycle & Paddleboard Rentals1(242)366-0633 or 1(242)475-5800

Hope Town Canvas and Bike Shop

Kayak Rentals